15 July 2009

With the poor economy and all the job losses this year, there will probably be more kids than ever whose parents are unable to afford or have a hard time affording school supplies. If you have more than one kid in school you probably know that the list can get extensive and the cost pretty high. So, this year, when you're out shopping the good deals for supplies, would you consider buying extra? Then, when school starts, give the extras to your child's classroom teacher and ask her/him to give them to kids who don't have any. If no-one in her class needs any, I'm sure she can find another teacher who has a child who does.

Sometimes teachers or the school counselors know of children who need clothes but whose parents can't afford them. Before you donate your children's outgrown clothes to a thrift shop, it wouldn't hurt to contact the school and ask if they know of anyone who could use the clothes.


  1. I have also been picking up extra school supplies for donations. Some of school supply sales have been so good that you spend very little OOP and do so much good. Thanks for posting this we need to give even in tough times.

  2. That is so true!! I have always found that even when I have very little money I always have food, or clothes, or school supplies or whatever to give. I think it's really important because it helps us take the focus off ourselves and put it on others. And as Jesus' representatives in this world, I really believe actions speak far louder than words.