30 July 2009

Kellogg's $5 coupon booklets

There are $5 coupon booklets in select, specially marked packages of Kellogg's cereal. There are three different coupon booklets available. I picked up a box of Corn Pops (no, it wasn't on sale, and no, I did not have a coupon, but my daughters really wanted it and I figured I'd get it, since there were coupons inside...). The booklet I got had $1/1 Rice Krispies or Crispix, $1/1 Special K, $1/2 Nutrigrain bars, $1/1 All-Bran, and $1/2 Morningstar Farms products. I used the first 3 coupons on Kroger's 50% off Kellogg's sale and plan to hold the other 2 for a sale. Hopefully someone will put the specially marked boxes on sale soon so we can snag lots of coupons!!

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