20 July 2009

Box Tops For Education

If you go on the Box Tops For Education homepage, they are currently running two promotions which you can enter to try to win extra box tops for your school. It's probably a long shot, but somebody has to win, right? Maybe it will be you!!

Please, please keep clipping (or start clipping) those box tops on all those products you find on sale. This past week alone I must have picked up at least 30 more box tops on cereal and other things I found on sale. (It was an unusually good week for box tops!) It really does add up for the school you support. The more people that participate, the more your school earns and nowadays, when many schools can't get levies passed and the government likes to cut funding to schools, they need all the help we can give them!! These box tops don't cost you any extra if you are going to buy the product anyway. And, if you combine sales and coupons right, you actually save money buying, for example, Cheerios cereal (which has a Box Top) vs. the generic brand (which does not).

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