09 July 2009

Box Tops for Education and Campbell's Labels

Do you have children in school? Do you know someone with children in school? Or, do you live in a neighborhood with a school? The answer to one of those questions is no doubt yes. I want to encourage you to start looking for and saving the Box Tops for Education and the Campbell's Labels for Education on the products you buy. They are on all kinds of different products, and your school earns money/points for each one. This can really help them in a time of failed school levies and loss of revenue due to the challenging economy. Each box top is worth 10-cents and each label either 1 or 5 points. It doesn't sound like a lot, but it really adds up. If every family in a school clipped just one box top a month, for example, imagine how much that would be over the course of the school year? Now imagine if everyone clipped one a week, or even two? It's an easy way to help out your child's school without it costing you anything extra, because they're on the products you probably already buy. I have a big bag of box tops and one of Campbell's labels that I am collecting over the summer. I want to challenge anyone who is reading this to do the same!

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