23 July 2009

Animal Shelters

We have all heard what a difficult time food banks and other charities are having, with demand for help skyrocketing but donations down. This is true of animal shelters as well. With people losing their jobs and/or homes, or taking pay cuts, many people have had to give up their precious pets. Many shelters are struggling, trying to care for more animals with fewer resources.

I have a houseful of animal-lovers (probably why we ended up with 4 pets) and we decided to gather some things to take to our local humane society. We took dry kitten food, canned cat food, cat litter, and canned dog food (we don't even have a dog but we couldn't leave them out!!). Of course the kids visited with the kitties and tried to talk me into adopting them all!! It was hard to walk out of there WITHOUT one of the cute little kittens.

While we were there, we found out that they have donation bins---if they receive something they can't use, they put it in the bin for people in need to take for their own pets.

I would like to make an appeal to anyone reading this to please consider donating pet food or other items to your local pet shelter. Your local shelter may have a donation bin too so you can be sure all the items will be put to good use. And please believe, the shelters are having just as difficult a time in this economy as the rest of us!! They perform such a needed service in caring for homeless animals and trying to find them homes.

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