09 July 2009

Meijer ground turkey

Meijer is having a ten-for-ten, get the eleventh free sale on some of their store brand products. Don't you love it when they run those sales? If you buy ahead and stockpile as I do, now is a really good chance to add to your stockpile. The Meijer brand frozen ground turkey rolls are included in this sale. I use these all the time in place of ground meat in spaghetti sauce, chili, tacos, etc. It's very tasty, lower in fat than ground beef, and at this price it comes out to 90-cents a pound (assuming you buy 11) which makes it cheaper than ground beef. They normally run around $1.59 a pound but whenever Meijer runs these sales, I buy enough to last till the next sale and just put it in the freezer!! And to make a good deal better, Meijer currently has their own brand of pasta on sale for 50-cents each!! I'm envisioning lots of cheap spaghetti with meat sauce in my family's future!!!

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