10 July 2009

School Supplies Sales

It seems some of the stores may already be marking down school supplies. If they're starting this early in the season, we can hope there will be further markdowns later on!!
This is what I've found so far---Walmart has Crayola crayons for $0.25 and Roseart crayons for $0.20 (I'm thinking these will definitely go lower), looseleaf paper for $0.70 (definitely can find cheaper elsewhere), Elmer's glue sticks $0.25 for a package of two, spiral-bound 70-pg notebooks for $0.15 each (a good price) and the marbled composition books for $0.50 each.
Meijer had the composition books and looseleaf paper for $0.39 each and the crayons for $0.19 (but they were sold out on crayons).
I did find a clearance rack of the 3-ring binders at Walmart. We picked up a few patterned ones for $1 each.
Keep your eyes open though because CVS is having some sales coming up and I believe Walgreens will as well.

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