31 July 2009

Target Toy Clearance

I was reading on Hip2Save last night that Target is having a toy clearance sale. I needed to finish my teenaged daughter's birthday shopping anyway so while at Target I decided to check out the toy section and see if it is true.

I am very happy to report that, yes!! Target is having an awesome toy clearance sale. A great many of the toys are marked 75% off. I picked up quite a few items for my younger children and plan to set them aside for Christmas. Toys that were normally $14.99 were marked down to $3.74. I will check my receipts against the original prices and tally up the totals later, but I paid about $75 for probably close to $400 worth of toys. They are not all summer toy items either---there are Star Wars/Terminator action figures, dolls, Schleich figures (they make knights, Indians, and Elves and normally are quite pricey), games, etc. If you have children you are buying for, you might want to check out the sale and set some stuff aside for Christmas and birthdays. (I know we larger families do this out of necessity! But it's a good idea anyway because you really do save money.)

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