28 December 2009

Printable Coupons: Cheerios, Wonka Candy, Palermo’s Pizza and More

Printable Coupons: Cheerios, Wonka Candy, Palermo’s Pizza and More
There are some great new coupons available including a high-value Honey Nut Cheerios coupon. Now we just need to hope for a nice sale!

17 December 2009

Coupon Insert Preview – 12/20

Coupon Insert Preview – 12/20
If you buy a copy (or several) of the Sunday paper for the coupons, I wouldn't bother this weekend (or next). It looks as if because of the holidays, there won't be any inserts.

Bible in 90 Days ~ Will You Read with Me?

Bible in 90 Days ~ Will You Read with Me?

Have you ever read through the entire Bible? How about in 90 days? I'm afraid I'd have to answer no to both of those questions. I've read the entire New Testament, but not the entire Bible. Here's a link to a challenge to read through the Bible in 90 days. If you don't have the Bible that is mentioned, but it can be purchased on Amazon.com for $14.99. Or, you could do what one of the reviews on Amazon suggested---take your Bible, divide the number of pages by 90 and that would tell you how many pages you need to read each day.

Win free eyeglasses for your family!

Below you will find a link to a contest that you can enter to win free eyeglasses for your family. As if free eyeglasses aren't enough, this company makes them using environmentally-friendly methods.
You can read about how they do it at www.airwear.com.

I've never tried these glasses, but I entered the contest! Five of the eight of us wear eyeglasses and we could certainly make use of these!

Airwear Lighter. Safer. Greener. Contest

07 December 2009

Meijer deals

Meijer has the 1-lb frozen rolls of ground turkey as part of the 10/$10 sale. Also, if you are in need of socks or undergarments, if you buy 3 Hanes brand you get $10 off your order instantly.

06 December 2009

This is an update on the INternational Delight coffee creamers post---they definitely ARE made by White Wave Foods. I don't know how long the catalina deal is good for, but if you have the 2 coupons---or even 1---it's a money-maker at Meijer.

04 December 2009

International Delight Coffee Creamers---free!!!!!!

If you got the free coffee creamer coupons from Facebook, be advised that you can print 2 of them by hitting the coupon tab a second time. If you have a Meijer nearby, these may be a money-maker. I bought 2 of these, some eggs and some non-grocery items and received a $2 catalina from White Wave Foods.

If you plan to get these free at Meijer, check the label and see if they are made by White Wave Foods. If they are, pick up two and it's a money-maker!

02 December 2009

Amazon.com has the Green String 1.3 MP digital digital camera priced at $13.99 (reg. $39.99) plus free shipping! This is a great camera for a child and it holds up to 100 pictures!

Thanks, Coupon Gal for this find! I ordered one for my daughter's upcoming 9th birthday.