10 September 2009

More Meijer deals

Cinnabon and Nutrigrain bars are $1.99 each; there are/were internet printables available which would make the Cinnabon bars $0.99 and the Nutrigrain bars $1.50 (the coupon is $1/2). Select Keebler cookies are $1.99---pair them with the IPs to get them for $0.99 each and use the Kellogg's Fuel for School (pamphlets of coupons which were available on the Keebler displays a few weeks ago) to get $2.00 off a gallon of milk when you buy 2 packages of cookies. Wheat Thins Flatbread crackers are part of the Nabisco 2/$4 deal; use the IPs which were available to make them $1 each. (We've been wanting to try these---now is a good time.) The Fuel for School pamphlets also have a $2 off store brand coffee when you buy 2 boxes of Nutrigrain bars.

I made a trip to Meijer this afternoon and bought 10 Lysols cleaners, 1 gallon of milk, 2 packages of cookies, 2 boxes of Wheat Thins Flat breads, and one bag of Purina One cat food. Used IPs for all of the cleaners, $2 off gallon milk WYB cookies, IPs for the Wheat Thins and the Keebler cookies, $5/1 Meijer.com Purina One coupon, $1/1 cat food coupon attached to the bag, and Meijer mealbox coupons for $1/2 Lysol sprays (I had 2 but I miscounted the sprays I would buy while printing these so I should have used a third). My OOP was $5.11 (incl. $0.64 tax), savings total was $41.07. I love these Lysol 1/2 off sales!!!


  1. Wow! I'm impressed. I've never been very good in getting the best deals at the grocery store. I saw someone on TV that spent very little on groceries, and was amazed. Sounds like you're in that category.

  2. Actually, these past two weeks have been really awesome for deals, which have made up for those weeks when it's been slow! I got a lot of Koolaid singles for free last week which is an item we really needed for 5 childrens' lunchboxes, and a lot of really cheap cat food, which we needed as well. I have found that when we need something most, God provides it. THis is something that just takes some time to learn and a lot of patience! (And many mistakes!)