10 September 2009

Campbell's labels for education

Don't forget! Besides clipping Box Tops from General Mills products, please also clip those Campbell's Labels for Education from participating products. Just a few of those products include Campbell's soups, Soup At Hand, Microwaveable soup bowls, V8 juices, Campbell's pork and beans, Goldfish crackers, Swanson broths, Chunky soups, Spaghettios, Prego sauces, Select Harvest soups...Each label has a value of either one or five points which participating schools can redeem for things they need. If you don't have children in school, collect them anyway and give them to your local school! They would be glad to have them. Schools need quite a lot of points to get anything but if they can collect enough points, they can get some pretty nice things. Like everyone else in this economy, they need all the help they can get!

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