11 November 2009

Today is the first day in three weeks that I have NO children home from school sick! LOL, probably by next week we'll start another cycle of illness. I am hoping to go later this week and see if my local Walmart is participating in the inexpensive Thanksgiving dinner. I like to buy extra turkeys this time of year and freeze them for Christmas, New Year's, Easter, birthdays, and sometimes for a special dinner---just because!! I've found if I buy a smaller turkey, then we don't have leftovers for weeks on end!

I had to take the 10-year-old to the eye doctor and we found out she needs glasses. This is very difficult to handle for a girl who is beginning to take an interest in her appearance. We did pick out a really cute pair, but she isn't looking forward to their coming in. After the appointment, I took her out to lunch, just her and me. I wish we could do it more often (spending time alone with her, not picking out eyeglasses!). They grow so fast and she's at the age where the next thing you know, she'll be a teenager!

All I can say is---between Urgent Care visits, doctor's visits, emergency dentist visits with tooth-pulling, and eye exams with having to buy glasses---right now I am very thankful we have health insurance! My heart goes out to those who through job loss, cutbacks at work, or whatever reason, are trying to get by without health insurance.

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  1. I had one child sick about two weeks ago, a break, then another sick from Friday thru Tuesday, no break, because I picked up the third one early today - another fever. I hope it doesn't cycle back around or hit my husband or me.

    Good for you that everyone is healthy again.

    I wish you well with your ten year old and her adjustment to eye glasses. I think she'll be fine. :)

    You're right - Thank God for health insurance and prayers for those that don't have it, and for the leaders of this country to make good decisions.