12 November 2009

I went to Walmart today to see if they were participating in the $20 Thanksgiving dinner specials. The least expensive turkeys I could find were Honeysuckle White for $0.60/lb (which is still cheaper than Kroger's and Cub's advertised deals last week). They have select cans of Green Giant vegetables on sale for $0.50/can. (I am not a huge fan of canned vegetables but I like to stock a winter pantry just in case I can't get to the store---either because of snow or illnesses.) Bagged potatoes are cheaper at Kroger, but they do have the Welch's sparkling grape juices for $2.97 (there were $2/1 printables available). I do think with the turkey even at $0.60/lb (which is cheaper than chicken ever goes around here!) you could put together a dinner for 8 for $20 or less, especially if you are willing to maybe make a dessert or two from scratch. Or, you could get one of the frozen pies they had on sale for a little over $3. I plan to make my own. I'm going to try making my own yeast rolls this year---hope they don't come out like rocks!

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