27 August 2009

Schwan's $10 free food

According to Deal Seeking Mom, the Schwan's $10 free food offer is still available if you have not yet taken advantage of it. I ordered the meatballs a few weeks ago. We received them within a week and they were of very good quality (though, at $8.99, more expensive than if I bought them at Meijer or GFS). If you decide to take advantage of this offer, do remember one thing: most route salesman work largely or solely based on commission, so they are going to want to keep selling you things. This is not to say that you must buy from them if you do not like the product or it is too expensive. But please understand, if they seem persistent, they are not trying to harass you---they are trying to make a living. My husband works as a route salesman with a different company, and he has daily contact with salesmen from quite a number of companies. Most all of them are saying the same thing---sales are considerably down.

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