24 August 2009

Jungle Jim's

If you live within driving distance of Fairfield, OH you might want to check out this amazing supermarket called Jungle Jim's. They have a huge selection of groceries from every part of the world, including the United States, and their prices are quite reasonable. Jungle Jim's does accept manufacturer's coupons, and they also have a selection of coupons available to print in-store. On Wednesdays, senior citizens can get a 5% discount with their Golden Buckeye card.

Here are some selections from this week's advertisement:

milk $1.88
Crystal Farms cheese 4 for $5
Edie's ice cream $2.49 (48 oz)
Hunt's snack pudding 4-packs $0.89
Swiss sweet tea $1.25 minus in-store $0.75 Q=$0.49!
Peter Pan peanut butter, $1.89
Eggo waffles 4 for $5
whole tilapia $1.49/lb
pork tenderloins B1G1
chuck roast $1.99/lb
ground chuck $1.79/lb
pork country-style ribs $1.49/lb
family pack split breasts $1.49/lb
Nickle's bread $0.89
tomatoes $0.99/lb
bananas $0.39/lb
grapes $0.88/lb
red potatoes $1.99 5-lb bag
watermelons $0.29/lb
sweet potatoes $0.59/lb
jumbo avocadoes 5 for $5
Kellogg's cereal $1.79
Pillsbury brownie mix $1.49
Hunt's ketchup $0.99
Starkist tuna $0.69/can
Hunt's 14-oz cans tomatoes $0.89
Empress canned pineapple $0.79
Cottonelle bath tissue $5.89 (12-ct double rolls)
Softsoap hand soap $0.99
Tidy cats litter $5.49 (14 lbs)

Jungle Jim's has a fantastic selection of teas and fresh produce from all areas of the world. If you want, for example, fresh Chinese broccoli, they have it. Like Korean Kimchi? They have several varieties. Rices from India, or different kinds of lentils? They have that as well. My family makes the trip down there every so often---that is where I buy most of my teas---and when we do go, I buy all of our groceries for that week there. Their prices are very competitive---and often better---than my local Kroger or Meijer. This is especially true if you are buying something that you usually don't have coupons for, such as fresh produce, meats or milk, or if you are looking for something out of the ordinary.

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