23 August 2009

Meijer bonus box tops

From 8/23 to 9/3, if you buy 8 Box Tops 4 Education items you get 50 bonus box tops, or if you buy 12 you get 100 bonus box tops to give to your school of choice!! Several of the Box Tops items are on sale this week...Nature Valley granola bars, Betty Crocker fruit snacks (though the prices for both are better at Kroger this week with the mega-sale), Pillsbury Grands, Betty Crocker brownie mixes and Warm Delight, Total Cereal, and Toaster Strudels, to name a few. Combine these with coupons and, depending on the item, you could get a good deal PLUS get extra box tops for your school. You don't have to buy 12 of the same item.

This would be a really good way to help your school earn money for extra stuff. Schools, just like everyone else, are having a really difficult time in this economy and can use any extra help. If any of these items are something you would use anyway and you have coupons, you might want to consider doing this as a way to help your school.

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