12 October 2009

There is a very interesting set of articles on ankerberg.org (which is John Ankerberg's site). Back in the 80's (yes, some of us remember the 80's!) he, along with John Weldon and Walter Kaiser, published a book called The Case for Jesus the Messiah: Incredible prophecies that prove God exists. This book examined the Old Testament prophecies concerning the coming Messiah and proved that they were fulfilled in Jesus Christ.

It was through that book that I came to faith in Christ. It is a very valuable book to read if you are searching for the truth, if you want to be able to explain why Jesus fulfills the Biblical requirements to be the Messiah, or if you want to strengthen your faith. Faith in Christ is not a blind faith---the Old Testament prophecies concerning the Messiah are many, some are quite specific and, taken together, they all point to Jesus.

The book had gone out of print, but now you can obtain each article from the website. If you do not wish to purchase, or wish to see them before purchase, you can read a summary of them first or even get them as a PDF.


  1. Hi Andrea! I definitely want to check into those articles. I have also had a long fascination about Anne Frank, since grade school when we had to read her book.

    I know how you feel about witnessing. I'm the same way,except if I can work it into regular conversations. God just makes a way. I'm not one of these people who can walk up to someone and say "Do you know God loves you" and then go into witnessing. Something has to lead it into the conversation which I am having. I have been noticing of late though, that I'm speaking more "scripturely" in my conversations, like when someone was telling me how angry they were with a relative, I just kind of slipped in and said,"the only problem with that is God can't forgive you unless you can forgive others. That's why I pray a lot when I get upset.", then I let it go at that. I could tell something clicked by her expression. Just little things like that. Seeds sown is what He expects. We are not all called to be Preachers, God needs sowers and waterers, so that He can make the increase. I hope this helps. I'm not what I would call shy except when I try to talk to people I don't know, or in front of a group, but I feel like what I'm doing with my blog, and little things I might say to people in passing, is my calling. I guess I'll find out when I get to heaven. Do check out "The Bible" page on Facebook. I think you will really enjoy it. That too is where I get a lot of practice. I enjoy putting my 2 cents in. By the way, I included Rachel on my Prayer Line, and I felt like God impressed to Write a prayer at the top as well.

    Love ya!


  2. I agree with what you're saying about having a hard time witnessing---all too often I let my shyness get the better of me, I think I don't have the right words, or whatever.

    The scary thing is we can have the best words in the world but if our lives don't reflect Him, it will negate everything we say!!!

  3. p.s. That was one of the main reasons I started this blog. I do like to write and even though I don't expect to be able to convince anyone of the truth I do hope to plant a seed or two that, together with all the other seeds other Christians have planted, will be used by God to help bring someone to faith in Jesus. God will bring the Harvest if we are all willing to be the workers!!