20 October 2009

Swine Flu information

Web MD has some very interesting information on the Swine Flu and the vaccine in its Cold and Flu section. Under the article entitled "Is the Swine Flu vaccine safe?" you can find a link to each of the vaccine makers' list of ingredients, if you care to know what is in the vaccine. There is also an article about the increase in deaths of children/teens (some of them previously healthy) from this disease.

I had not made up my mind about the vaccine, but I tended to be more opposed to it than not. After reading the second article, I am rethinking my position. I will have to decide soon, though, because my childrens' schools plan to administer the vaccine in early November.

If anyone has any more information on the topic, I would greatly appreciate it. Some of what you find on the Internet is biased either against or towards it. It can be difficult to sift through all that and find unbiased, factual information.


  1. I haven't decided about my kids either and like your schools, mine are giving the vaccine soon. The permission slips are here and need to be returned Friday.

    I'll check out Web MD. Thanks for the info.

  2. I went ahead and filled out the forms to have my children vaccinated after talking the other night to my brother, who works in the field of health care. It is his opinion that this is a very dangerous virus---that although most people have a run-of-the-mill flu case, in those where it turns dangerous, it does so very quickly and is quite lethal, especially to children and teens.

    I also find it unusual that they are offering the vaccine for free. If there were no concern about the virus being lethal or having a strong possibility to turn lethal, I don't see why they'd offer it for free. The seasonal flu vaccine isn't free, after all. That's just my theory which could be totally off-base.

    Another thing my brother brought up---flu season (meaning the seasonal flu) hasn't even begun yet. If someone were to get the two flus back to back, it could be really dangerous.

    So---even though I previously thought I wouldn't, I have decided that it is in our best interests for my kids to get the vaccine.