11 January 2010

Bible in 90 Days challenge

I am trying to catch up to everyone else in the Bible in 90 Days challenge! I didn't start until January 6th because of illness in our family but I intend to read enough extra that I catch up at least by the end!

I was rather sad when I finished Genesis because the very last part---the story of Joseph---is my absolute favourite in the entire Bible. I was sad to leave it behind (I may just have to go back and re-read it!). My study Bible has a little challenge that looks like fun: List all the similarities you can find between Joseph and Jesus. It says that there are over sixty of them! One thing I learned that I never really took note of before, even though I have read Joseph's story many times---after Joseph's father died, Joseph had his body embalmed, and the same was done for Joseph after he died. They apparently were mummified according to the Egyptian tradition. Genesis even lists the number of days of mourning and it matches up perfectly with what we know the Egyptians to have practiced. This is further proof that Genesis was written by someone quite familiar with the practices of the time (namely, Moses, who was raised in that culture) and not hundreds or thousands of years later. The detail in the Bible is pretty incredible.

Exodus was interesting---I had read parts of it but not the entire thing in order, all the way through. What really struck me was how much the Israelites complained---even after seeing first-hand all of God's miracles, all of his provision---still they complained. It's a good reminder to try to always be thankful for what God has provided and not to focus on what we DON'T have.

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